25 April 2011

What choosing a Tauren says about you

You are reliable, loyal, and fiercely protective to those who are closest to you. You have a very strong sense of your own values, and befriend only those who share similar beliefs. WoWScrnShot_011211_021821You have a hard time making friends because people have a hard time accepting you for who you really are, as opposed to how they perceive you to be. WoWScrnShot_011611_200252You long to find people to open up with and be your true self around, but are often too shy, when you do get the opportunity. WoWScrnShot_011211_022953You exist by the philosophy “live and let live” and don’t like to be bothered; you aren’t naturally aggressive, but when someone crosses you, or hurts someone you care about, you become enraged and there is no holding you back. WoWScrnShot_082310_213108 World of Warcraft Personality Guide

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