09 April 2006

my mom and her terrible premonitions

On Friday, my mother told me about a dream she had in which appeared my deceased grandfather. She viewed it as a bad omen, and was worried that something bad might happen to one of us. I wonder if it was really a signal, but yesterday night, a son of some friends of my parents died in a car accident. He was just three years older than me.

We used to be friends when we were little. The only memory I have of him is one where he is teaching how to “undress a pizza”, a joke that nobody, but us, thought was funny. We both grew up and we didn’t have anything in common, so he just became another person I knew, but he wasn’t really my friend. Nonetheless, it’s really weird to think that he’s gone. Today I answered the phone and it was her crying mother, who wanted to leave a message for my parents. I panicked. I didn’t know what to say to her. It seemed that any attempt to comfort her would just make her burst into tears even more.

It’s another situation where I find myself to be impotent in front of someone else’s pain.
(I’m so stupid. Just before I got the news, I was so angry at my parents I took the car and I was driving so fast, secretly wanting to just disappear.)


  1. En este tipo de casos no se si sea yo el indicado a comentar, supongo que seria mejor un amigo cercano, pero bueno, no se porqué te lo digo, a mi no me afectaron la muerte ni de mi tio ni de todos mis abuelos, de nadie pues, y aunque este comentario sea inservible pues, por lo menos hay alguien más inutil que vos en lo que respecta al sufrimineto ajeno.

  2. Lo que traté de decir es que me siento mal por no poder aliviar de alguna forma el dolor de la familia que perdió a su hijo. En ningún momento estoy diciendo que eso no me afectó o que soy insensible a su sufrimiento.

  3. Bueno era información extra, pero era obvio que no importaba.

  4. Awww sweetie I´m sorry, sí, la muerte es algo difícil de manejar, rara vez salen las palabras necesarias para ¨consolar¨ a los demás, pero yo realmente creo que la intención es lo que cuenta,por más cursi y conformista que suene.